Graphics and Animations for the film "A Thousand Little Cuts"

Social Media Promotion for Rock n Roll Tour

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Gutterbug Movie Poster + VHS Cover

Character IllUstrations
for the Movie
"Bozo Hacksaw"

Movie Pitch Deck for investors - "bozohacksaw"

THis is a pitch deck (or Look Book) for a movie titled "bozohacksaw." I worked with the director's suggestions and vision, and created This 31 page Packet of illustrations and designs.

I wanted above all to show that a lot of thought and care went into this project, in order to impress upon prospective investors that the creators had thought things through and would deliver a great product. 

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Gutterbug is A feature film released in the Summer of 2020. I'm very proud of this film cause I made the poster and Yup, I'm the guy in the middle!

I loved being in this movie so much that I have made a few different pieces inspired by it, but this poster is the most extensive.

The story follows a homeless street punk and the work reflects the gritty, dirty, and graffitied look of the film. The main character ends up being influenced profoundly by his two friends, and that confrontation inspired the overall design 

It's a great example of my style and current working methods. Everything started by drawing traditionally, with ink (Bimoji brush pens are perfection) and watercolors.

I then took pictures of the work and brought them into photoshop, editing them to fix mistakes, add details, brighten colors and tones, and change whatever I want. This has the added bonus of making it easier for me to adapt what I make to what the client wants.

I also make use of a lot of textures and traditional effects to produce color even in the digital stage. This way I can produce black + White vector-based images in Illustrator and use actual watercolors images in Photoshop

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The final Result was designed to be 18x24, but looked great blown up to 24x36 as well - there's the team in front of it in LA! 
It had upwards of 80 layers in photoshop so it is infinitely changeable and easily at that - I whipped up a VHS cover as well!

Large Poster

In late fall 2019, I was commissioned to design graphics and AnImations for the Feature Film “A Thousand Little Cuts.” I worked closely with the director to make sure that the effects were believable Knockoffs of well known real-world products 
My knowledge of film helped a lot, as I designed aound the shots they needed in the scenes. the animation work in particular had to be timed and programmed in advance to make sure it looked like the actress was causing the changes on the screen.
I designed the following (click on images for more)

Multiple Posters and logos for the fictional Company “Wellness+”, which our main character works for

Logos, Images and Animations for "Swipe N Chat" - a Dating app that the main character uses

Video of the App starting up and Swiping through dudes

Promotional Materials and Options for Power Dawn B16, a new product the company is coming out with 

Video of the Messaging part of the App, where Anne meets Tom

Images for "Words with Buddies", a Scrabble knockoff 

Logos for Other Wellness+ Products

When The bands Gymshorts and Death Valley Girls went on tour in the Fall of 2018, I created these polaroid styled snapshots.
I included a lot of references to the music of each band, with easter eggs referencing their clothing, song titles, album covers, or the venue they were playing at that night.
I also tried as best I could to show that the bands were having A blast on the road!

Check out their music below!

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Pittsburgh Wine Festival Poster

I was commissioned to create a poster revolving around the theme "A Night on the Atlantic City Boardwalk". I was given leeway to do whatever I wanted, and though I like when clients give feedback and have ideas, I am also comfortable trusting my instincts and doing my thing,
Since portraits are a strength and love of mine, I felt a group of people around a table would be a good start.  The boardwalk on the table was added next, and I researched old photos to find ideas.
This poster is large (2ft by 3ft) and was designed in Illustrator and colored in Photoshop. This is also a good example of how detailed I can go if told to keep working. I could still spend days on this thing adding details and variations. So when clients ask how much something will cost, I occasionally respond "how much do you want it to cost?"  

The Fourth Wall Cover

A cover for a publication of stage plays, I was commissioned to make a drawing based on a play and to include as many references to the material as I could.
This image was done traditionally, with pen and ink.
Since the story involved genetics and DNA, I put the strands of DNA center stage, with a brain behind it. The influence of our minds to pull the strings of our lives is referenced by the controlling hand over the top. Chance and the unpredictability of life was another theme in the story, represented by playing cards.
The butterflies were used in the story to allude to the concept of changing from one thing to another.
I liked the concepts involved and tried my best to also give a look and feel of precision with clean linework, adding to the ideas expressed about perfection, choices, and the unpredictability of life.

Pop Up Bartending Posters

The client wanted some materials promoting their independent business and had some ideas. Mainly they wanted a classical painting-type image in the middle, and some sort of vintage-y look to the rest.
I decided to give them multiple posters with different main images since that was the easy part, only requiring me to peruse through free to use old paintings online.
The rest I did traditionally before editing in photoshop and coloring with watercolor textures.
The fonts I found on free font websites, and I went for a classy, art nouveau/deco feel

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A Few flyers made for local businesses promoting their services